Milly wants “All the News” from Wisconsin – Bismarck, North Dakota (1939)

In September of 1939, Milly was living temporarily in Bismarck, North Dakota.

She sent a postcard to her friend, Nora, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Milly reports that she expects to remain in Bismarck till the end of the month, and she implores Nora to write “once in a while” and to “tell me all the news”.

The postcard that Milly selected bears a hand- colored photograph of the rustic cabin built by Theodore Roosevelt during his recuperative experience in “the West” beginning in 1883.

Born on East 20th Street in Manhattan (a very short distance from my apartment in the city), Teddy Roosevelt struggled with asthma and poor health in his childhood.

He discovered that vigorous exercise and strenuous exertion improved his strength and his disposition.  Roosevelt promoted a hearty, outdoors-oriented lifestyle throughout the rest of his career.

The cabin is now preserved within Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


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