“Happy New Year” from Hattie – 1910

On January 1, 1910, Mrs. Charley Klinger received a New Year postcard from Philadelphia.

Sent by her friend, Hattie, the postcard reached Mrs. Klinger with a simple address of “Lanc. City, Pa, Box 2”.

The abbreviation is for Lancaster, PA.

Mrs. Klinger appears to pick up her mail from a box at the post office.

One assumes that Mrs. Klinger lived close to a post office if her mail was not delivered to her residence.

The face of the postcard features an embossed bird and sprigs of holly.  Snowflakes dot the scene, and large, icy, figures form “1910”.

On the reverse, Hattie expresses a hope that Mrs. Klinger will “have a prosperous year” and adds, “We had a nice Xmas and New Year”.

It is nice to imagine that Mrs. Klinger and Hattie enjoyed the New Year of 1910.


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