“The Mumps Are Gone” – Newark, Delaware (1909)

Miss Edith McCarns lived in Newark, Delaware – a small city and college town less than a mile from the juncture of Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.
(The city was granted a Royal charter in 1758 – George II. The charter included provisions for a weekly market and semi-annual agricultural fairs.)
For St. Patrick’s Day in 1909, Grandma sent a postcard with a bright green background on which an Irish lad and lass are dancing.
A verse explains that “hearts full of joy” compel the youths to “dance the Irish Breakdown”.
The illustration was copyright in 1908 by M.W. Taggartin.
On the reverse, Grandma writes, “you can come up to see Grandma now, the mumps are all gone.”
The postcard was not mailed; Grandma inscribed “Newark” by her signature.
We assume that Grandma lived nearby and that the colorful card was hand-delivered to Miss Edith.
One hopes that Edith and her grandmother enjoyed many happy visits in the days to come.
A “Edith Atwell McCarns” was born in Delaware in 1877.
She did not marry, and died in Pennsylvania in 1948 (age 71)
Her burial is recorded in the Union Hill Cemetery of Kennet Square, PA.
There are no surviving family members.


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