Harold Has A Birthday in April – Chicago, Illinois (1915)

Young Harold Jackman lived in Chicago, Illinois.

On April 2, 1915, Harold received a postcard from Julius Baum.

Julius may be a neighbor, as the greeting is postmarked in Chicago.

We know that Harold is still a boy as he is addressed as “Master Harold Jackman”.

Upon first glance, I thought this was a Christmas postcard as the artwork on the face is an indistinct landscape in a muted palette that suggests snow.

A closer look reveals, however, that the landscape includes trees with foliage.

The stark blocks of brown, and the grey shading, give the design a very modern feel.

Inscribed above the scene are the words, “A Joyous Birthday”.

On the reverse, Julius wishes for Harold “a happy birthday and a happy Easter.”

One hopes that young Harold and his correspondent, Julius Baum, enjoyed a delightful Spring in 1915.


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