“Fly Around to Keep from Freezing” – Brooks, Maine (January, 1914)

Miss Mary Bickford lived in Brooks, a town in south central Maine.


Mary had celebrated a birthday, but had not received a greeting from her friend in Troy, Maine.

Troy is another town in Waldo County, about 12 miles northwest of Brooks.


Mary’s friend, who signs her message as “Me”, sent a belated Birthday Postcard on January 27.

The face of the postcard is adorned with two drawings in medallion frames- a rural home, and a bunch of flowers.

A verse expresses the wish that “grief and sorrow ne’er oppress”.

On the reverse, Me confesses that she ”thought of your birthday but neglected to send your card.”

Me hopes “it will be acceptable now”.

The weather in Maine must have been very cold, as Me writes, “I guess you had to fly around some to keep from freezing.”

The message ends with a question about a new dress being made and an expression of “love to all”.

We trust that Mary was not peeved by the tardy greeting, and that she was delighted by the birthday postcard.


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