“Here’s To the Children” – 1905

In 1905, the Ullman Manufacturing Company of New York published this charming drawing of a young girl holding a dog.

The girl holds a basket of what appears to be garden produce.

There is no identification of the postcard artist -this is another example of lovely work by anonymous postcard artists.

Beneath the illustration are lines in praise of children:

“Here’s to the children, the light of the world, and the hope of future years”.

The postcard was presented to “Master Charles” on the occasion of his birthday.

Because the postcard was not mailed, we cannot know where the boy lived.

From the message on the reverse, one infers that Charles lived on a family farm.

The sender writes, “How is that little calf?

The writer adds that he thinks the drawing of the girl resembles “little Ruth” and asks, “Don’t you think it looks like her”.

It would be delightful to learn more about the background to this postcard, but we might assume that “little Ruth” is a sister to “Master Charles”.

One hopes that the children were happy and secure in the early years of the 20th century.


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