Highland House on Neversink Mountain

Highland House on Neversink Mountain – 1907

The city of Reading, PA once had a railroad that wound up Neversink Mountain to the hotels, dance halls, and taverns overlooking the city.

(I shared two posts, of the railroad terminal and of the train climbing the mountain, last year. Other posts on the Berks History Buffs site shared additional documents.)

One of the largest establishments was “Highland House”.

The hand-colored postcard photograph was printed in Germany and published by an American-German company.

The postcard was sent to William O’Rourke, Jr. who was studying at the Mercersburg Academy.

We met the younger O’Rourke last year when his Papa wrote to him on a postcard featuring a view of Carsonia Park.

(I have become very attached to the history of the Mercersburg Academy, especially as it relates to the foundation of Franklin & Marshall College and Seminary.)

This night view of the Highland House was damaged, and underwent digital repair.

I re-made the corners and removed fold lines from the face.

The message was written by “Parsons” who encourages Bill, the young O’Rourke, to “come Thursday or Friday at the latest”.

They are planning “to go around to Snyder’s”.

We cannot tell if Bill was able to make the trip from Mercersburg back to Reading in time for the planned events.

Note: William O’Rourke, Sr., the Papa who wrote to his son at boarding school, was a noted attorney and city official in Reading.

He died in 1918, at which time his son and namesake was still living at home.

This is a wonderful night-time photograph. One laments that nothing is left of the railroad or the hotels to which the citizens of Reading could resort in the early 20th century.


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