Shoot the Chutes at Pendora Park in Reading

Shoot the Chutes at Pendora Park in Reading – 1912

I regret that I never had the opportunity to “Shoot the Chutes”.

The toboggan ride at Pendora Park was twice as long as the section shown in the photograph; the ride started higher up, where trees obscure the track.

Pandora Park, comprising about 14 acres, included recreational areas that existed previously.

Opening in 1907, the park attempted to recreate the marvelous “White City” of light that had astonished visitors to the Chicago Exhibition.

The postcard, printed in Germany about 1910, was mailed from Reading on January 21, 1912.

The writer, Mamie Mosher (?), reflects that the picture represents past pleasure and notes a recent cold spell of zero degrees.

The card was sent to Mr. A. Dewees Mock of Chester Springs, in Chester County.


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