“I Did Not Forget You” – Newport, Delaware (1916)

Mrs. W. J. King lived in Newport, a town on the Christina River in northern Delaware.

In the Colonial era and the early 19th century, Newport was a center of shipping agricultural produce to eastern cities.

The coming of the railroad in 1837 led to Newport being eclipsed by the city of Wilmington.

The US postal Service established a post office in Newport in 1793.


In August of 1916, Mrs. King received a postcard from Wilmer.

Wilmer wrote from Washington, DC.

The face of the postcard is adorned with a lovely pastel drawing of large roses which frame a clunky verse:

“May sweet content and happiness

Go hand in hand with you,

And always keep you company

Your future pathway through.”

The postcard was published by “The (flower) of Pink Perfection”; it was printed circa 1914.

It seems that Wilmer may have neglected his correspondence.

On the reverse, he writes, “You see I did not forget you.”

One hopes that Mrs. King was glad to hear from Wilmer and was delighted by the postcard.


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