“I Once Had a Friend” – Warren, N.Y. (1910)

Mr. John Parker and his family lived in Westfield, a town in Chautauqua County, in the southwestern tip of New York Stare.  Westfield borders Lake Erie.

Mary, the “loving sister” of John, lived with Mama in Warren, New York.

Warren is a small city in Herkimer County near the center of the State.

In October (?) of 1910, Mary sent a postcard to her “Dear Brother”.

It seems that John had not written to his sister or his mother in some time.

The face of the postcard contains a verse describing the despair of one who once had a friend, (a very good friend), who now refuses to write.

The verse is adorned with forget-me-nots, to which the verse refers.

The postcard was published by the Sanford Card Company of Dansville, New York.  The postcard was copyright in 1909.

On the reverse, Mary writes that Mama has been ill and unable to work “for some time”.

Mama is sending a coat, C.O.D., as Mama did not have any change with which to pay the postage.

Mary sends love from all in the household, but adds a post script to her neglectful brother: “Bear in mind what this card says”.

One hopes that John was able to find time to write to his sister and mother, that mother recovered from her illness, and that Mary was delighted to receive communication from her brother.


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