A Postcard from William Studebaker – New Paris, PA (1910)

Mr. Grant Snyder lived in New Paris, a small borough in Bradford County of south-central Pennsylvania.

The borough lies on the west side of the Chestnut Ridge on a road running north/south from Maryland to the interior of Pennsylvania.

In August of 1910, Mr. Snyder received a postcard greeting for his birthday.

The postcard, copyright by the Julius Bien Company of New York, bears a colorful illustration of pink blossoms.

The bright colors and embossed design are attractive.

The postcard greeting was sent from William Studebaker.

Because the postcard was mailed from New Paris, we may assume that Mr. Studebaker lived nearby.

The Studebaker family emigrated to Pennsylvania from Germany early in the 18th century.

The patriarch was a master wagon-maker of a German guild.

Members of the Studebaker clan lived in York County, and in northern Maryland and were renowned makers of wagons.

Some Studebaker descendants moved to Ohio, and later to South Bend, Indiana where the first Studebaker automobiles were designed.

(The story of the rise and fall of the Studebaker Company is a sad example of a well-made, durable, popular product doomed by the economic disasters of the Great Depression.  Studebaker autos were produced into the 1960’s, but the Studebaker company had ceased to exist as an independent entity.)

One hopes that Grant Snyder enjoyed his birthday greeting and that he remained the friend of William Studebaker for many years.


Grant J. Snyder was born in Bradford County in 1889. 

He married, and moved to Ohio where he died in 1958.

Grant was 21 years old when he received this birthday postcard.


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