“I Want to Come Home” – Asheville, North Carolina (1911)

There is a note of desperation in this postcard story, but we have no background to the tale.

In January of 1911, Mr. Frank Wayne received a postcard at his home in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Haddonfield, settled by English Quakers in 1682, is a picturesque borough on the Cooper River in southwest New Jersey.


The face of the postcard is a photograph of Fairfield Falls in Sapphire County of western North Carolina.

The Fairfield Falls are one of three that occur in sequence, falling from lakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The falls are now on private property, southwest of Greenville and northwest of Asheville.


The postcard was published by the Hackney & Moale Company of Asheville; the image was printed in Germany.

On the reverse, there is a plaintive message from M. M. M. (or W. W. W.)

The sender is distressed that there has been no message “from you or Stanton”.

With only $4 and his clothes, the sender pleads, “why don’t you send me enough so I can get home”.

The message ends with a repeated text, “come home, come home, come home…”

One feels sympathetic to the writer, but we do not know anything about the circumstances that led to his plight.

This is another instance where it would be exciting to find a postcard from the recipient of the postcard.

We can only imagine how Mr. Wayne will respond to this request.


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