The Wind Whistles in March – Nashville, Tennessee (1914)

Miss Cora E. Hayden lived in West Somerville, now the city of Somerville – northwest of Boston and the home of Tufts University.,_Massachusetts

In March of 1914, Cora received a postcard from her friend, Ida.

Ida was in Nashville, the capitol city of Tennessee that grew up on the banks of the Cumberland River as a trading center.

It later became an important railroad center, and the city’s prosperity led to the growth of schools and colleges that made Nashville “the Athens of the South”.,_Tennessee

The face of the postcard is a photograph of a river; the caption identifies the place as “A Scene near Nashville, Tenn.”

There are no distinguishing landmarks in the photograph that would identify the place more precisely.

Nashville was built on the banks of the Cumberland River, and the oldest parts of the city are very near the banks of the river.

The vulnerability of the city was demonstrated in 2010 when a major flood damaged or destroyed several landmark structures.

(Nashville is also near the Harpeth River, and it is possible that this scene reflects that smaller water course.)

On the reverse, Ida reports that, “The wind is whistling around the buildings and it looks like rain.”

Ida adds that “it is not cold”, and reflects that this is “March weather, I suppose.”

The message concludes with Ida’s expression of Love.

One hopes that Cora was thrilled by the message and that the friends were able to share more stories when they met again.


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