“In Memory of this Happy Hour” – Greenville, Ohio (1910)

Miss Naomi Stevens lived in Greenville, a city in west-central Ohio.

General Anthony Wayne built a large fort here in 1793 to protect the western frontier of the new United States. The first European settlers arrived in 1807.


In February of 1910, Naomi received a postcard from her friend, Will.

Will mailed the postcard from Greenville, so we assume that he lived nearby.

The face of the postcard is a familiar style of postcard featuring romance and courtship.

In the illustration, a young woman is seated at the piano.

Standing above her, a young man holds a bright, red flower.

The flower may have been taken from a vase on the piano- other blossoms can be seen behind the shoulder of the woman.

Beneath the illustration, a verse describes the conversation between the lovers:

“Dear, let me keep this pretty flower

In memory of this happy hour”

One thinks of all the memorabilia of dates, proms, and romantic encounters that have been pressed into albums, scrapbooks, or between the pages of books throughout the twentieth century.

On the reverse, a brief message appears:

“From your friend”, signed “Will”.

One hopes that Will and Naomi remained friends or romantic correspondents for many years.


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