Jess Sends a Picture of “Class” – Sheridan, Michigan (1911)

Miss Elsia Hyde lived in Lowell, a city on the Grand River about 15 miles east of the much larger city of Grand Rapids.,_Michigan

In April of 1911, Elsia received a romantic postcard from Jess.

Jess mailed the postcard from Sheridan, a village in central Michigan, northeast of Lowell.

The village of Sheridan grew up around a sawmill and became a stop on the “Toledo, Saginaw, and Muskegon Railroad”.,_Michigan

The face of the postcard is a photograph of a couple in an embrace; the young man has “dipped” the girl backwards and is kissing her.

A parrot (possibly stuffed) observes the scene and quips, “Some Class to That”.

On the reverse, Jess gives an account of the trip:  “We’re in Sheridan”.

The travelers “came through Saranac yesterday”.

Saranac is a village that serves as a commercial center for agricultural products in the region.,_Michigan

Both Saranac and Sheridan are located in central Michigan, east of Grand Rapids; Sheridan is 24 miles north of Saranac.

Jess promises to write “when I get home”.

The postcard gives no clues about the relationship between Jess and Elsia; we don’t know if the postcard photograph reflects a romance between them or others.

One hopes that Elsia was amused by the postcard, that Jess arrived safely at home, and that the correspondents remained friends for many years.


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