Mayme Thinks About Dessert – Allegheny, PA (1909)

Miss Mayme Kleppink lived in Pittsburgh, the industrial powerhouse in western Pennsylvania.

It seems that Mayme had a beau, Mr. Miller, about whom Mayme was teased.

In October of 1909, Mayme received a lovely postcard from her friend, Mary.

Mary lived in Allegheny, an industrial city and the center of a large German-American community, on the Allegheny River, north of Pittsburgh.

In 1907, Allegheny was annexed to the city of Pittsburgh and became the “North Side”.,_Pennsylvania

The area retained a postmark of “Allegheny” although Mayme is addressed correctly as “North Side Pitts”.

The face of the postcard is an original drawing of a handsome couple closely attending to a chafing dish on the table before them.

The couple lean together as the young woman wields a large serving spoon.

The scene is entitled, “Dessert”, so we may assume that the couple are about to share some heated delicacy.

The image was copyright by Gutmann & Gutmann in 1909.

Beneath the drawing, the sender has inscribed, “Mayme and Mr. Miller.”

This postcard is unusual in that the art purveyor, the printer, and the publisher are all identified.

The postcard was printed in England by Chas. H. Hauff; the postcard was published by Reinthal & Newman of New York.

On the reverse, Mary asks, “How is your fellow.”

Mary proceeds to offer that, if Mayme would like to hold hands, Mary will let Mr. Miller know this.

One hopes that the romantic adventures of Mayme were pleasing to her and that she and Mary remained friends and correspondents for many years.


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