Joys and Pleasure for Mrs. Goetz – Tiffin, Ohio (1915)

Mrs. Elizabeth Goetz lived in Tiffin, a city on the Sandusky River about 55 miles southeast of Toledo in north-central Ohio.

In the early twentieth century, Tiffin was a manufacturing center for glass and porcelain.,_Ohio

In July of 1915, Elizabeth was celebrating a birthday.

She received a birthday postcard from H. B. Ward.

The postcard was mailed from Tiffin, suggesting that the sender was a neighbor or nearby friend.

There is no indication of how the sender might be related or connected to Mrs. Goetz.

The face of the postcard bears the drawing of a large rose and a medallion scene of a rural cottage.

Printed above the rose, a couplet expresses a fond wish:

“May happiest joys and pleasure true,

Make this a glad birthday for you”.

The image was copyright in 1912 by J. J. Marks of New York.

I believe the postcard was published by the same firm.

On the reverse, the sender inscribes only a name.

One hopes that Mrs. Goetz was pleased by the postcard and she enjoyed continued correspondence with H. B. Ward.


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