The Self-Composed Gentleman -circa 1910

Sometime around 1910, a young gentleman had his photographic portrait made an unknown studio.

The photo was printed on postcards, but the studio not named.

Unfortunately, this postcard was not mailed, so we have no clues to the location of the photograph.

We can be certain that this was made at a studio as the pose and the props resemble thousands of other studio portraits.

Also, the subject is very well-lighted, which was not the case in many amateur photographs.

Some thoughtful soul inscribed, on the reverse, the name of the sitter:

This is Robert Holmes.

We have only this image to inspire our conjectures about the young man.

Robert is well-dressed, his hair well-brushed, and his countenance relaxed and confident.

There are many entries for “Robert Holmes” in genealogical databases for the US.

One hopes that the young gentleman was happy and successful in the 20th century.


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