Katherine Sends Her Church to Emma – Kenton, Ohio (1908)

Katherine S. lived in Kenton, a city in west-central Ohio. 

The site was first settled as Fort McArthur, one of a  series of fortifications erected during the War of 1812.

In 1908, the city was a growing supplier of railroad equipment.


Like hundreds of thousands of people in the early 20th century, Katherine collected postcards and belonged to postcard exchange clubs.

One of Katherine’s fellow collectors was Emma Hankel, who we met in earlier postcard stories.

Emma, who lived in Galion, Ohio, collected postcard photographs of churches.

Kenton is 46 miles west of Galion. 

Galion is north of Columbus and Kenton northwest of the capital city.

In January of 1908, Katherine sent a postcard to Emma.

The postcard from Katherine bears a photograph of St. John’s Evangelical Church of Kenton.

The postcard was published by the American News Company of New York and printed by an affiliate site in Liepzig or Berlin.

This large and sprawling church is now associated with the United Church of Christ.

From web articles, it appears that this is a highly-engaged congregation with ministries to all ages and several community relief efforts.

Unfortunately, I could not easily find a current photograph of this building – there are dozens of similar postcard photographs from earlier years.

On the face of the postcard, Katherine writes, “The church I attend”.

On the reverse, Katherine thanks Emma for her “pretty card”.

One hopes that Katherine and Emma enjoyed continued association in their exchange club and that they were pleased by their growing postcard collections.


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