The Horse & Buggy- Whitesburg, PA (1908)

Mr. Henry Coffman lived in Freeport, a borough of Armstrong County in the mountainous region northeast of Pittsburgh.

Freeport lies on the Allegheny River and grew up around the Pennsylvania Canal system.

Willie Coffman lived in Whitesburg, a very small city which is also in Armstrong County.

In May of 1908, Willie sent a postcard to Henry.

Mailed from Whitesburg, the postcard has a smart drawing of a woman driving a horse cart.

The original art is signed, but I am unable to recognize the artist’s signature or insignia.

Horse-drawn conveyances of all kinds – buggies, surreys, cabs, carts, carriages – would have been common in 1908.

On the reverse, Willie writes that they “are all well at present”, and hopes that the folks at Henry’s household are the same.

One hopes that Willie and Henry remained correspondents for many years.


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