“Leave All for Love” – New Salem, North Dakota (1910)

Mayme lived in New Salem, a city near Bismarck in south-central North Dakota.

(New Salem has been a center of dairy production since its founding – and civic groups constructed the world’s largest Holstein cow at a high point near the town.)


In May of 1910, Mayme was very concerned about Grandma.

Mayme sent a postcard to her sister (?), Miss Anna Foreman, to report that she was “looking for a letter” and to ask, “How is Grandma?”.

Anna lived in Berg, a town that no longer exists in McKenzie County of western North Dakota.

The Post Office in Berg was closed in 1944.

(The area has had population gains in recent years due to the influx of oil workers.)

The face of the postcard features a bowl of flowers on a gilt background.

A quotation of Rowe celebrates the highest joy, that of Love.

On the reverse, Mayme shares her expectation that “Mama is there by this time” – suggesting that mother had gone to stay with Grandma.

One hopes that Anna writes to Mayme, that Mama arrived safely at Grandma’s, and that grandma was recovering from the emergency.


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