Daisy Has Moved – Orth, Texas (1913)

This is a confusing postcard; the face proclaims, “Greetings from Vale, Oregon”, but the postmark is from Orth, Texas.

The message on the reverse helps to explicate the mystery.

Daisy has married Mr. S. R. Jeffery, Jr. and the couple is now “down south”.

“It sure is hot”, reports Daisy, and she promises to send some “views of my home”.

The marriage or the move may have been sudden as Daisy depended on Aunt Ida to provide an address for Daisy to contact her friend or relative, Mrs. Eva Goodman.

Eva lived in Portland, Oregon where she received the “fashion plate” postcard published by Schlesinger Bros. of New York.

It seems that Daisy once lived in Vale, a city in eastern Oregon, only 12 miles from the border of Idaho.

The “Greetings from Vale” may have been the only postcard Daisy had at hand when she arrived in Orth.

In 1913, Orth was still a new town, having been platted as a stop on the Wichita Falls & Southern railway in 1908.

By 1913, there was a post office, general store, dry goods store, drug store, two churches, two cotton gins, and a schoolhouse in Orth.

A brief oil boom in the 1920’s led to further growth of the town, but only the post office remained by the 1940’s.

Today, the town no longer exists, the location is marked only by a cemetery.

One hopes that Daisy and her husband prospered in Texas, and that Eva remained a friend and correspondent.


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