Leona Thanks Edna for the Long Letter – Ione, California (1910)

Miss Edna Moulthrop lived in Alameda, the city on an island and surrounding area in the East Bay Region of west-central California.


In May of 1910, Edna received a postcard from Leona.

Leona mailed the postcard from Ione, a city in Amador County of central California.

Ione began as a small community, once named “Bed Bug” and “Freeze Out”, but grew as an important supply center for the multitude of speculators who passed through the area during the California Gold Rush.


The face of the postcard is an elaborately-illustrated floral frame for a motto.

The motto reads:

“Though distance may sever,

In an old Friend’s thought

You dwell forever”

The postcard is from the “Motto Series”, but I cannot distinguish the publisher.

On the reverse, Leone thanks Edna for “the nice long letter”.

Leona reports that she “was so glad to hear from you”.

The message concludes with praise of the lovely illustration, “This is a beautiful postal to write on.”

Leona sends love, but does not promise to reciprocate the letter-writing.

One hopes that Edna was delighted by the postcard and that the correspondents remained friends for many years.


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