“Little Richard” is Having a Birthday – Morgantown, West Virginia (1909)

Roy Mill was living in Philadelphia, PA where he received a birthday postcard from his young nephew.

In June of 1909, “Little Richard” was having his first (?) birthday near the day of his uncle’s celebration.

The young nephew lived in Morgantown, the beautiful city built on Appalachian foothills above the Monongahela River iin West Virginia – about 75 miles south of Pittsburgh.

The postcard bears original art, a charming rural cottage surrounded by trees and flowers.

To provide additional depth, the postcard scene is embossed – which distorts any message written on the reverse.

Printed in Germany, the postcard was published by a firm with a distinctive logo that I have not yet identified.

It appears that the postcard message was written by an adult, perhaps the sister of “Uncle Roy”.

The announcement of the upcoming birthday of Little Richard is followed by the wish, “I hope you had a pleasant birthday” – which seems as though the announcement takes precedence over the wish for the uncle’s happiness.

Little Richard ends the message by sending love.

One hopes that Uncle Roy remained close to his nephew for many years.

The postcard was preserved in very good condition for more than a century.


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