Love’s Alarm

“How Could I Suffer Love’s Alarms…” (circa 1910)

For many years, I avoided postcards that appeared overly sentimental or “sappy”.

I have seen hundreds of postcards with absurd declarations of love, grotesque professions of love-sickness, or alarming admissions that would now qualify as “stalking”.

But, because sentimental postcards are so numerous, and because the norms of the early 20th century cannot be understood without reference to them, I have begun scanning some of the genre.

This postcard is one of a series; each postcard of the set is printed in a similar style and features a verse celebrating some aspect of courtship.

The postcards were printed in Germany about 1910.

Some of the “sentimental” postcards that I will share have been mailed; this one was not posted.

Two lovers embrace awkwardly over an ornamental fence.

The poetic inscription reads:
“How could I suffer Love’s alarms
When I am safe within your arms?”

Love does seem to have dashed both her umbrella and his walking stick to the ground; and his hat and her bonnet have been lost in Love’s tempest.

Otherwise, the loving couple seems to have quelled any alarms.


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