A Valentine for Mr. Burger

Ada Sends a Valentine to Mr. Burger – Etters, PA, 1908

This romantic tale straddles the Susquehanna River in south central Pennsylvania.

Ada lived in Steelton, Pennsylvania, a borough in Dauphin County, not far from Harrisburg.

The borough was named for the extensive operations of the Pennsylvania Steel Company whose plants lined the east bank of the Susquehanna River.

Mr. A. C. Burger lived in Etters, PA, which is also the borough of Goldsboro.

This community, along the West Bank of the Susquehanna, is in northeast York County.

The community has had several names since its founding in 1738 by a Quaker from New Castle, Delaware.

The Post Office, however, once located within a tavern operated by a man named Etters, has retained the name of the tavern.

The USPS still prefers the use of “Etters”, although that is not the name of the community.

Ada had forgotten to send a birthday greeting to her friend, Mr. Burger, so she added a breezy note to an attractive Valentine which she mailed to him on February 13.

The highly-reliable operation of the post office at that time ensured that Mr. Burger received his Valentine by February 14.

The postcard Valentine, featuring the illustration of a Cupid unlocking a floral heart, was printed in Germany.

Note: The Wiki entry for Etters (linked in the comments) includes a mention of the Burger family.

We hope that Ada and her friend enjoyed continued happiness on Valentine’s Day of 1908.


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