Loving Easter Wishes to Grandma – 1916

Elizabeth Goetz lived in Tiffin, a city on the Sandusky River in northwest Ohio.

Tiffin is the site of Fort Ball, a military depot of the War of 1812.  In 1916, the area was a prosperous center of glass and porcelain manufacturing.

On April 21, 1916, Mrs. Goetz received a postcard from “Maggie and Frank”.

The postcard features a drawing of white Easter Lilies before pointed Gothic arches.

A legend, “With Loving Easter Wishes” is inscribed below the drawing.

On the reverse, a penciled inscription reads, “To Grandma”.

Because the postcard was mailed from Tiffin, we may assume that the grandchildren lived near their grandmother.

Easter was on the 23rd of April, so Mrs. Goetz was likely to have received the postcard before the Holy Day.

It seems that Elizabeth treasured the greeting from her grandchildren as the postcard was preserved for a century.

One hopes that each member of the family enjoyed the celebration of Easter.

With Loving Easter Wishes,
Easter Postcard,
Whitney Made, Worcester, Mass,
easter lillies,
Mrs. Elizabeth Goetz,
Tiffin, Ohio,
Sandusky River,
April, 1916,
Maggie and Frank,


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