Mae Has a “Cooler Visit” – Miller, Missouri (1916)

Mae Gale was enjoying a summer break in Miller, Missouri.

Miller is a small town in southwest Missouri.,_Missouri

In August of 1916.Mae wrote to Miss Ruth Hoppes of Mulberry, Kansas.

Mulberry is a small city, founded as a mining town, in southeast Kansas.,_Kansas

We have seen another postcard related to Miss Hoppes:

We learned that Ruth was teaching school: I believe that Mae was a friend from college.

Mae alludes to “our stay at Normal”.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of a shady lane beside a body of water.

Above this inviting scene is the legend, “Scene near Miller, MO.”

Unfortunately, it is likely that this is not an actual place near Miller.

The photograph was not made by a local photographer or publisher, and the postcard series has the generic name of “Landscapes”.

On the reverse, Mae reports that she is having “ a somewhat cooler visit than our stay at Normal”  – and then hastens to explain that she was referring only to the weather and the temperature, not to the quality of personal friendships.

One hopes that Ruth was thrilled to hear from her friend, that Mae continued to enjoy her summer break, and the correspondents enjoyed a successful return to school in the Fall.


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