Mrs. Baird Takes Visitors to the Mountains – Denver, Colorado (1924)

Sometime in 1924, Mrs. Bird had entertained visitors at her home in Denver.

Mrs. Baird sent a postcard to her friend, Miss House, in Osceola, Illinois.

Osceola is a rural township in Stark County of central Illinois.,_Stark_County,_Illinois

The postcard is addressed in care of Rev. Joe Raycraft, and “Joe” is mentioned in Mrs. Baird’s comments.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of Lookout Road in Denver Mountain Park, about 12 miles west of the downtown area.

The postcard was published by the Sanborn Souvenir Company of Denver.

The place seems to have been enjoyed by Mrs. Baird’s visitors as she writes on the face, “This is where Joe and all went out for walks and took snaps…”

On the reverse, the written message of Mrs. Baird suggests that Miss House was part of the visiting group.

Mrs. Baird writes, ‘Hope you all got home safe”.

A gathering at “Ruth’s” was memorialized by photographs and Mrs. Baird plans to send some to the visitors.

The message concludes with an amusing anecdote regarding the sister of Mrs. Baird.

Mrs, Baird had not seen her sister for 20 years and found that the sister “looked younger” than she remembered.

Mrs. Baird joked that if the sister came back in another 20 years, she would be wearing the “short clothes” of a child.

One hopes that Miss House, the Rev. Raycraft, and all the other visitors retained fond memories of the lovely mountain vistas of Colorado.


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