Mrs. Wright Receives the Berkley Bridge – Detroit, Michigan (1924)

Mrs. N. D. Wright was living in Detroit, Michigan when she received a postcard from a friend who was traveling through Norfolk, Virginia.

I cannot distinguish the name of the one who mailed the postcard and who sent “love to all”.

The face of the postcard bears an illustration of the Berkley Bridge, a construction of the early 1920’s to connect the town of Berkley (south of the Elizabeth River) to the city of Norfolk to the north.

The face of the postcard names the “Berkeley Bridge”- but this is an error.

This bridge has been replaced by construction of the 1950’s and significant enlargement (a parallel bridge) in the 1990’s.

The unknown traveler seems to be following the coast of the eastern US; the message includes the news, “am still along the seaboard”.

The traveler plans to continue the journey, “Leaving for Washington DC tonight on the boat…”.

Next week, our correspondent will “work toward home”.

We do not know if Mrs. Wright was anxious about the extended trip of her friend, but we hope that she was pleased to receive the postcard communication.

The early twentieth century saw major improvements in highways and transportation infrastructure such as bridges, and these marvels were celebrated in postcard pictures.

The publisher of this postcard is not identified, but many postcards like this one were printed to boost local pride in the remarkable achievements of the region.


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