Mame is Cross at Charles – Hazel Hurst, PA (circa 1914)

Miss Mame Shuman lived in Carlisle, the colonial city that remains a center of education and  commerce in south-central Pennsylvania.,_Pennsylvania

Something unfortunate had occurred in Miss Shuman’s relationship with Charles, and Charles hoped to repair the breach.

Charles lived in Hazel Hurst, an unincorporated community on the Marvin Creek in McKean County of northern Pennsylvania.

In the early 20th century, Hazel Hurst was an important center of glass-making, but the industry departed in later years and the area is sometimes considered a “ghost town”.

(Today, there is no post office in Hazel Hurst),_Pennsylvania

In November of 1914 (?), Charles sent a postcard to Mame.

The postcard shows a merry quartet in an open “touring car”, and a large banner proclaiming, “I’m enjoying myself (motoring) at Hazel Hurst”.

On the reverse, Charles seems uncertain how to address Mame.

He writes, “I don’t know what to write because I think your (sic) cross at me…”

Charles “begs to be excused” and expresses dismay that he has not heard from Mame “all this time”.

One hopes that Miss Shuman forgave Charles and that the two resumed their friendship and their correspondence.


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