The Boys of Williamsport – circa 1910

Williamsport, the largest city in north-central Pennsylvania, was a prosperous center of industry in the early 20th century.

(Today, sadly, it is about 40% smaller than it was in 1950.),_Pennsylvania

Sometime around 1910, two boys were photographed at a studio in Williamsport.

The photography studio of F. E. Allen was located on Third Street, near the center of town.

The smaller boy is wearing a white sailor’s blouse and a jaunty tie.

The older boy is seated and is wearing a cold-weather coat.

The children look comfortable, although they display the bland, static look that was common in photographic portraits of the early 20th century.

The postcard photo was not mailed, so we have no names connected to the children.

It is disappointing that no one inscribed the names of the boys or the date of the photographic session.

All photographs are sensitive to light, and this photo has faded significantly.

Nevertheless, we have a glimpse of two young lives more than a century ago.

We hope that each boy enjoyed a happy and healthy boyhood in the new century.


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