Margie Sends a Fashion Plate to her Sister – Salunga, PA (1915)

In May of 1915, Mrs. Harrison Baker (Ellie?) lived in Salunga, a community west of Lancaster, PA.

Mrs. Baker received a postcard from her sister, Margie, who was in Mountville, PA.

Mountville is about 6 miles from Salunga.

The postcard, printed in the United States, bears a drawing of a young woman (in a tall hat) holding a wrapped bouquet of roses.

These “fashion plate” illustrations were popular in the years around World War I when European postcards were unavailable.

On the reverse, Margie directs her sister to buy a 10-cent box of Parke’s baking powder and to give it to their father when he visits.

We cannot know for certain why father needed baking powder, nor why the box costing ten cents was required specifically.

In any event, we trust that father “came over” on Sunday, that he received the baking powder, and that Margie and her sister enjoyed the spring of 1915.


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