Young Folks of York County – Pennsylvania (circa 1910)

This postcard photograph was made by the Penn Park Studio which operated at locations in York and in Hanover.

Sometime around 1910, a group of young people (four men and three women) huddled for a group photograph.

Two members of the group are softly laying a hand on the arm of another member – I don’t know if this indicates a special connection or represents the common practice of having photography sitters show a physical connection.

(Arms around shoulders, linked arms, or held hands are not uncommon in group pictures.)

The photograph is not well-taken.  Due to the outdoors location, It is likely that the photo was made by an amateur photographer who had the picture developed by the studio.

(The Kodak “Brownie” camera was released in 1900 and had become very popular by 1910 as an affordable personal camera.)

Thus, although the faces are relatively clear, details of dress are not distinguishable.

The man wearing the dark suit clenches a cigar in his teeth – another indication that this was not a studio photographic portrait.

The postcard was not mailed, and no one in the group gathered al fresco is identified.

The young folks appear bright and happy, and one hopes that they found success as the twentieth century unfolded.


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