Mary Receives a Valentine Code – Parkton, Maryland (circa 1910)

Miss Mary Crook lived in Parkton, an agricultural area north of Baltimore and touching the Mason-Dixon line.,_Maryland

For Valentine’s Day in a year near 1910, Mary received a beautiful postcard greeting from her “classmate in Sunday School”.

The face of the postcard is a beautiful drawing of a windmill constructed of flowers.

The postcard was printed in Germany, but I do not recognize the publisher’s insignia (the figure standing in the lower left of the reverse.)

Because Mary and her classmate attended the same Sunday School, I assume that the sender of the postcard also lived near Parkton.

The written message on the reverse includes an invitation for Mary to “come up and see me sometime”.

The message is signed with a string of numbers, longer than a Postcard Club ID.

Because the correspondents are still children, I applied the letter of the alphabet corresponding to each number.

We quickly learn that the classmate of Mary is “Beulah Hendrix”.

One hopes that the girls enjoyed many years of friendship and correspondence.


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