Holy St. Patrick – Rohrerstown, PA (circa 1910)

Miss Mary Stehman lived in Rohrerstown, a vibrant community a few miles west of Lancaster, PA.


On St. Patrick’s Day, in a year near 1910, Mary was given a postcard greeting.

The postcard, not mailed, was given by Gertrude E. Brown.

We may assume that Gertrude lived nearby or interacted with Mary on a regular basis.

On the face, the postcard bears an illustration (in green and gold) of St. Patrick.

The Saint, (as teacher, Evangelist, and Bishop) is pictured in clerical vestments, wearing a miter and holding a crook.


Embossed shamrocks adorn the corners, and the legend, “Erin Go Bragh” appears behind the Saint.


It seems that Mary appreciated the greeting for St. Patrick’s Day as it was preserved in good condition for more than a century.


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