“Merry Christmas” to Tomahawk – Tomahawk, Wisconsin (1914)

Sadie, Mrs. Harry Tiffany, lived in Tomahawk – a small city in northern Wisconsin, in an area that was still hunted by Ojibwe peoples until the 1870’s. 

With the coming of the “Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul Railroad”, Tomahawk entered a boom period for the logging and saw mill industry.

In December of 1914, Sadie received a Christmas postcard from her Aunt Etta who lived in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

Plainfield is a village in central Wisconsin, about 100 miles south of Tomahawk.

The postcard, published by S. Bergman, was printed in the United States – the Great War had dissolved the transatlantic trade in postcards.

On the face, the postcard bears a simple verse surrounded by a ribbon with holly leaves.

On the reverse, Aunt Etta sends “love to all”.

The postcard was preserved for more than a century, but it was exposed to water at some time and bears considerable staining and foxing.

(The image here has been digitally-repaired.)

One hopes that Sadie and all her family, along with Aunt Etta enjoyed a blessed Christmas.


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