The Approaching Storm – Jacksonville, Florida (1929)

Miss Mollie Scott lived in Brooklyn, New York.

In September of 1929, she received a postcard from friends in Florida.

The postcard was mailed from Jacksonville.

From the gushing message, and the address of “dear little friend”, we may infer that Mollie was a child.

The face of the postcard shows a darkened beach under a turbulent sky.

The legend explains, “An Approaching Storm on the Florida Coast”.

The postcard was printed by the Asheville Post Card Company of Asheville, North Carolina.

The illustration is one of a series called, “Beautiful Florida Series”.

While there is a terrible beauty in fierce storms, I am not convinced that an allusion to hurricanes is an effective promotion for the State of Florida.

Unfortunately, I am unable to decipher very much of the written message to Mollie.

(The looping, jumbled handwriting is treacherous)

On a morning when overcast skies portend scattered thunderstorms later in the day, this reminder of summer storms seemed apt.

One hopes that Millie was delighted by the postcard and that her friends traveled safely through Florida.


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