Miss Morgan Receives a Picture from Budapest – Los Angeles, California (1910)

Miss J. C. Morgan lived in Los Angeles.

In February of 1910, she received an Art Postcard from Budapest, Hungary.


The face of the postcard features a good reproduction of a painting by J. Ferenczy entitled, “After Mass”.

In this colorful scene, richly-dressed townspeople disperse from the church looming in the background.

The attire seems to be traditional dress of this region.

There are several Hungarian artists with the surname, “Ferenczy”; J. does not seem to be closely-related to any of them.


On the reverse, the sender reports having “crossed the Danube on its most beautiful bridge”.


The handwriting is difficult to read, but it appears that a picture was “sent to Mama”.

For the traveler, it is “still winter here” and the “Danube is frozen”.

Miss Morgan seems to have enjoyed the postcard as it was preserved in good condition for more than a century.

One hopes that she heard more tales of Budapest when the traveler returned.


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