The Love Language of Vegetables – Harrisville, West Virginia (circa 1905)

Miss Grace Dotson lived in Harrisville, a town in northwest West Virginia.,_West_Virginia

Sometime around 1905, Grace was given a postcard greeting related to the love language of vegetables.

The postcard was published by the British firm of Valentine’s and printed in Great Britain.

On the face, a couple in a tight embrace is engaged in a kiss.

A legend, beneath the figures, reads “The Language of Vegetables”.

Beneath the illustration, “Brussels Sprouts” are identified with “Fond kisses and a long embrace”.

This is the first time that I have seen the love language of vegetables discussed on postcards.

However enjoyable this rural pastime may appear, it has not increased my appetite for Brussels Sprouts.

One hopes that the friend of Miss Dotson, who presented the postcard to her, was proficient in the language of other vegetables as well.


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