Miss Parker Sees the “Wild & Wooly” West – Sioux Falls, South Dakota (1933)

Miss L. V. Parker lived in York, Pennsylvania.

She had a friend, “B”, who was traveling through the west.

In December of 1933, Miss Parker received a postcard from B in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

B. was on the move, as he notes his address for the following weeks as a hotel in Omaha, Nebraska.

The face of the postcard is a hand-colored photograph of “The Palisades” near Sioux Falls.

The postcard was published by Curt Teich and Company of Chicago.

(Although mailed in 1933, I believe the postcard was printed in the 1920’s.)

This small area, where the Split Rock Creek has formed a channel through the soft Sioux Quartzite Rock is now a state park.

(These rock faces of Sioux Quartzite provided the raw material for ceremonial pipes of the indigenous people living in the region.)

On the reverse of the postcard, B writes, “a bit of the wild and wooly for you”.

One hopes that Miss Parker was pleased by the lovely postcard, that B arrived home before Christmas, and that the correspondents remained friends for many years.


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