Missing the “Grand Old Bachelor” – Minden, Ontario (1939)

Miss Jane Naftzger lived in West Salem, a village of Wayne County in north-central Ohio.


In August of 1939, Jane received a postcard from her friend, Hazel.

Hazel was vacationing in Minden, a township along the Gull River in southern Ontario- an area of significant waterways and wetlands.

Minden had been a center of the lumber industry, but by the mid-20th century had been revived as a summer tourist destination from Canadian cities. Toronto is 190 miles to the south.


The face of the postcard is a beautiful illustration of a placid lake amid a forest, by moonlight.

The postcard scene purports to be “Near Minden, Ontario”, but this could be a generic scene to which the local place name has been applied.

On the reverse, Hazel expresses regret that “Dearest Janie” could not join the excursion.

Hazel writes, “So sorry you can’t be here to enjoy the scenery and fishing”.

To add to the disappointment, Hazel adds, “There is a grand old bachelor here, too”.

The reference to the bachelor is probably added for comic effect.

One hopes that Hazel continued to enjoy her visit to Minden, and that Janie was delighted to receive the charming postcard.


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