A Bluebird for Harold – Hightstown, NJ (1911)

Master Harold Stackhouse lived in Hightstown,  a borough in west-central New Jersey.

Hightstown, near the Delaware River, is equidistant from Philadelphia and New York.


In October of 1911(?), young Harold received a birthday postcard.

On the face of the postcard is a lightly-tinted, deeply-embossed, bluebird; the bluebird is surrounded by a garland of purple blossoms and a four-leaf clover.

Very small (and lightly-embossed) letters for “Best Wishes” are faintly visible above the head of the bluebird.

This is a very substantial postcard, weighty, embossed, and containing raised areas.

On the reverse, we find a message, “Wishing you a happy birthday”.

The sender is Nora Rue, who may be a child -judging from the hand-writing.

The postmark is partially obscured sue to the deeply-embossed surface.

It appears to end in “town”, but I do not believe that this is “Hightstown”.

One hopes that the boy was delighted by the postcard and that he remained a friend of Nora for many years.


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