Mollie Misses the Poultry Show

Mollie Regrets Missing the Poultry Show – January 1909

Mary lived in Perry, a small city on the Mississippi River in north-eastern Missouri.

On January 15, Mary received a postcard from Mollie.

Because the greeting was posted from Perry, I assume that Mollie and Mary were neighbors as well as friends.

Mollie reports, “I would love to have been with you at the poultry show..”

I don’t know if Mary raised prize poultry, or if the two friends simply enjoyed poultry exhibitions.

Mollie does not report a reason for her inability to participate.

Mollie concludes her message, “but, such is life.”

(That calm resignation could have been my mantra for most of the past year.)

One hopes that Mollie and Mary were able to meet sometime in 1909.

(I cannot discern any meaningful arrangement of letters in Mary’s last name.  The postcard was embossed, which exacerbates poor handwriting.)


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