Mother Davis Sends Joy – Winthrop, Massachusetts (1914)

Emma (Mrs. F. S. Davis) lived in Winthrop, a city at the entrance to Boston Harbor, just east of the city of Boston.

In November of 1914, Emma received a Thanksgiving postcard from “Mother Davis” in Scranton, PA.

(I believe that “Mother Davis” may be the mother-in-law of Emma.)

Scranton is the largest city in the Wyoming Valley of northeast Pennsylvania; it was a prosperous center of the mining and railroad industries in 1914.

The face of the postcard bears an illustration of a hilly landscape at night.  

The greeting, “A Joyous Thanksgiving” is inscribed in large letters beneath the illustration.

The postcard was published by the Fairman Company of New York.

On the reverse, Mother Davis extends a “hope that you have a pleasant Thanksgiving”.

As the US entered the “Great War”, one hopes that Mrs. Davis and Emma were able to enjoy a pleasant celebration of Thanksgiving.


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