The Almshouse of York – 1912

On-line, one can find other photographs of this imposing building along with other York County structures that exist no longer.

Beginning in the Middle Ages, the Almshouse was found in many parts of Europe as a public charity for those unable to care for themselves.

In 1825, the General Assembly of Pennsylvania required each county to establish an Almshouse for the care of those who were feeble-minded, drunkards, or mad.

In April of 1912, Miss Annie Jamison received a postcard with this hand-tinted photograph of the “County Almshouse, York, Pa.”

The postcard was published by the Leighton & Valentine Company of New York and printed in the United States.

Annie lived in Spring Grove where she received the postcard which was mailed from York by her brother.

Brother reports that they arrived safely at home on Sunday evening, although the ride was cool.

I recently posted a picture of the Almshouse in Lancaster, PA and in Berks County, Pennsylvania.


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