Mother Makes a Visit – Effingham, Illinois (circa 1920)

Mrs. L. Bowers (Bowerers?) lived in Effingham, a city in south-central Illinois.

Effingham was an important conjunction of highways and railroads.,_Illinois

In October of a year near 1920, the mother of Mrs. Bowers came to visit.

We don’t know how long the visit lasted,

When mother returned home, she sent a postcard to her daughter to confirm her safe arrival,

Mother mailed the postcard from Posey, an unincorporated community about 70 miles southwest of Effingham.

The face of the postcard is a drawing of an open photograph case which is surrounded by a wreath of thistles.

A cottage is drawn in the foreground, with mountains in the background.

Beside the drawing is an inscription of a phrase from the poem and song by Robert Burns, “Auld Lang Syne”.

The illustrator is not identified; the postcard was printed in the US.

On the reverse, mother writes that she “got home alright”.

She “enjoyed my trip ever so much”, even though “it was raining a little when I got to Posey”.

I believe that mother traveled by train.

It seems that Katie had been ill during the visit to Effingham – perhaps this is mother’s granddaughter.

Mother expresses her “hope Katie is better”.

In conclusion, mother states that she is writing so you “wouldn’t worry”.

One hopes that Mrs. Bowers was relieved to receive the postcard, that Katie made a full recovery, and that mother was able to make future trips to Effingham.


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