Mr. Hatton Orders an Engine from Sears – Coatesville, PA (1914)

Mt. William T. Hatton lived in Coatesville, a center of steel manufacturing in Chester County of southeast Pennsylvania.,_Pennsylvania

In July of 1914, Mr. Hatton ordered some piece of motorized equipment from Sears, Roebuck, and Co.

Although Sears, Roebuck, & Co. has always been associated with the city of Chicago, the firm operated a Gasoline Engine Factory in Evansville, Indiana.

Accordingly, Mr. Hatton received a postcard acknowledgement that his order had been received at the factory in Evansville.

Furthermore, the “Superintendent of Factory” wrote that he would personally “see that it is given very careful attention”.

The order was expected to be completed on June 22, and Mr. Hatton would receive another postcard informing him of the railroad by which the ordered equipment would be shipped.

The acknowledgement was printed on a USPS printed postcard with a likeness of the late William McKinley stamped in red.

The Sears Roebuck Co. revolutionized shopping in the United States.

Their picture catalogues, offering thousands of products of all kinds, multiplied opportunities to acquire merchandise for millions of people across the US.

It is difficult to know precisely what Mr. Hatton had ordered, as the postcard does not specify the “equipment”.

A quick internet search reveals that the Evansville plant produced “Motor Buggies”, a small automobile, since 1909.

Here is a picture of a 1910 Sears Motor Buggy from an on-line museum of manufacturing in Evansville.

One hopes that, in due course, Mr. Hatton received notice of delivery for his equipment -and that the equipment was safely delivered by the Pennsylvania Railroad which ran through Coatesville.


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