“A Future Begins” – Fidelity Trust Company (circa 1922)

In the early 20th century, it was not uncommon for companies to advertise their products or services through examples of postcard art.

The Fidelity Trust Company of Pittsburgh did the same, but the featured work of art was a mural that was hung within the company office.

I cannot discover if the Fidelity Trust Company in Pittsburgh was a branch of the Fidelity Trust Company of Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia firm had four branches n Pennsylvania, and I assume that this postcard advertised the branch in Pittsburgh.

The face of the postcard shows a mural by the noted artist, Malcolm Parcell (1896-1987), who was a native of western Pennsylvania.

Parcell won accolades while still a young man, and made his home near Pittsburgh after completing courses at Carnegie Institute of Technology (now, Carnegie Mellon University) and a brief study in New York City.


The mural featured on the advertising postcard is entitled, “A Future Begins”.

A young family is engaged in constructing a log house; the husband wields an axe while the wife (surrounded by household possessions) stands guard with a rifle.

I assume that this work, evoking the frontier spirit, was commissioned by the Fidelity Trust Company.

On the reverse, a blurb promotes the expertise of the firm in “the settlement of estates and the management of trust funds”.

There is no indication of the printer or publisher, perhaps because this was a commercial product published by the Fidelity Trust Company.

The postcard, never mailed, was preserved in very good condition.

I assume that someone loved the example of postcard art and secured the work within an album.


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