“My Wife Won’t Let Me” – Camden, New Jersey (1908)

This comic postcard was copyrighted in 1907 by “U. Company” of New York.

(I believe it might be the Ullman Lithographic Company.)

A rat is forcibly prevented from entering a trap in which a large piece of cheese has been placed.

The protective rat holding the tail, one assumes, is the perspicacious wife who interrupts her husband’s self-destructive impulses.

The postcard was mailed from Camden, New Jersey in April of 1908.

Sent by “a friend”, the postcard was addressed to Herbert Gramsback of Philadelphia.

(We met earlier another member of the Grambach/Gramsbach family in the postcard story, “Your Dainty, Snow-White Frock”.)

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the anonymous friend intended any special meaning beyond the humorous greeting.

Surely, there are many husbands who have been distracted from ill-advised adventures by clear-thinking wives.

One hopes that Herbert enjoyed the whimsical drawing in the Spring of 1907.


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